We use green energy produced by us.

Above all else we are a farm that cultivates legumes and cereals - as we have done for over 130 years.

We specialize in the cultivation of rice (Vialone Nano, Arborio and Carnaroli), legumes (chickpeas, lentils, peas included the variety with higher protein content, cannellini beans and Borlotti beans), corn, quinoa, soy (included the Edamame variety). Always keeping up with the times, we test new cultures of distant origins and rediscover ancient varieties of our tradition.

Part of our land is dedicated to the cultivation of rapeseed, whose oil is used to fuel the drying plant and facilities with clean sustainable energy.

The agricultural workings are carried out with machines equipped with GPS to reduce waste in respect of the environment; the control of water resources partly takes place with the sub irrigation technique through underground drainage, this enables reduced water usage.

We are certified organic.

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