The quinoa plant dates back to ancient times: it was in fact grown for thousands of years in South America. Today, thanks to the available varieties and to their adaptability to different climates and lands, the cultivation of quinoa is expanding in other geographic areas of the planet. Our company, supported by technical experts and international universities, carried out the first production tests in 2011. Other local farms joined our project, enabling us to create a solid working group. Thus, we increased the lands intended for the cultivation of quinoa, being certain of achieving important results in terms of quality. Thanks to our network of farms in Italy and Europe, we are able to supply directly the food industry.
Today quinoa is considered a superfood thanks to the following properties:
IT'S GLUTEN-FREE: appropriate for those who suffer from celiac desease or don't tolerate gluten well.
IT'S A SOURCE OF HIGH-QUALITY PROTEINS: quinoa is called "pseudocereal". Nevertheless, it contains more proteins than any other cereal, rice, pasta or potatoes and it is therefore a good help if you want to keep a healthy and fit body. Moreover, the biological value (BV) of its proteins is above average. The high quality of proteins comes from the right combination of the essential amino acids that contain them. With a BV of 75, quinoa is higher than milk (72), meat (60), wheat (60) or corn (44). In addition, quinoa contains all the essential amino acids which our organism isn't able to produce and thus have to be sought in food. Quinoa is therefore fundamental in vegeterian and vegan diets.
IT'S A SOURCE OF DIETARY FIBERS: the amount of dietary fiber contained in quinoa is very high, more than in rice, pasta or potatoes. It is an important element because it helps digestion and the good functioning of your intestine. The dietary fiber gives the feeling of satiety after eating and it also helps prevent from type 2 diabetes.
IT'S RICH IN VITAMINS AND MINERALS: quinoa has a high content of vitamins such as vitamin C, E and B and minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium.
IT HAS A LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: the carbohydrates in quinoa untie themselves slowly. The glucose in the carbohydrates is then gradually released in the bloodstream. This ensures more stability of the level of sugar in the blood. Food with a low glycemic index is certainly better for your health. It provides long-lasting energy and produces less body fat. As a consequence, quinoa is an important food product also for those who play sports or have a very active life.


The preparation is very simple: just add 400 ml of cold water and cook in medium-high heat for the lenght of time indicated on the label until water is absorbed. Add extra virgin olive oil and serve warm or cold.
For mini burgers: pour the contents of the bag into a bowl, add 120ml of cold water and stir. After 10 minutes you can go ahead with the creation of your mini burgers/meatballs by preparing them with your hands or by using a mould. Cook for a few minutes on both sides until golden in a non-stick pan. All of our recipes are vegan and gluten-free!

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