The Stoppato Family Farm

130 years of agricultural passion

Respect for the land, is the core value of the Stoppato Family. Our farm spans 600 acres of incredibly fertile fields in northern Italy. Nestled between the storybook cities of Verona & Mantua and the Italian alps, these lands are legendary for producing the highest quality risotto, grain and legumes in the world. Adjacent lands are protected as a bird sanctuary. We carefully select the most appropriate and richest fields for our produce and employ a synthesis of traditional modern sustainable farming techniques.

We believe in sustainable agriculture that respects Nature. Our corn is used to produce clean energy through a biogas plant. Our cogenerator converts rapeseed biofuel into clean energy. Together these systems power the drying plant, production lines, plus all the facilities’ heating systems. We are committed to honouring our father’s ideals of respect for the fields and the environment that sustains them.