Vialone Nano:
the rice of our land

Carnaroli and Arborio: the best known Italian rices all over the world.

Vialone Nano rice started its life in 1937 following the mix of two important rice variants: Vialone and Nano, so called for the reduced height of the plant (in Italian “nano” means dwarf). It belongs to the family of semi-fine rices and is characterized by a small, elongated and round grain with a pronounced pearl.

It is especially recommended for risottos, as it absorbs condiments very well. Many important chefs around the world appreciate it for its soft and light body, and for the innate ability to keep cooking.
It’s widely considered the archetype of Italian risotto.

Arborio is an Italian classic. This rice variety whose large and pearled grains release abundance of starch during cooking, assuring an excellent blending of the ingredients and end product.

Carnaroli rice is a high quality rice. The exceptional compactness of its large and long grains combined with the excellent balance between liquid binding and low starch release, make it “the king of the Italian rice”.



These have been developed with the assistance of a renowned chef based on traditional risotto recipes plus a skilled food technologist who has developed a process to dehydrate the ingredients while maintaining their innate quality and taste. The result is a 100% natural product without preservatives or glutamate.

The preparation is simple: in a saucepan with 500 ml of cold water, add the contents of the pouch, stir and simmer for about 15 minutes. There is no need to add anything: no broth, butter, wine etc. The result will be a delicious risotto. Easy and quick to prepare, with all the flavor of Italian tradition. Our products are gluten-free.


We offer the organic version of the best known homemade Stoppato recipes using only organic Carnaroli rice. Raw materials and production processes are certified by recognized and authorized inspection bodies. The preparation is very simple: pour the product in a pot with half a liter of cold water and cook for 15 minutes. Nothing else need to be added (neither broth, nor butter, nor wine). The result will be a delicious risotto, easy and quick to prepare, with all the flavor of Italian tradition. Our products are completely gluten-free..


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