Farmers for passion

In 1887 a young Napoleone Stoppato, at the age of twenty, was able to build up a modern and innovative activity, changing three generations of a farming family’s ways.


Desire for modernity

Napoleone established himself in a very short time thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and modernity. Very soon he was able to harvest much more than before and invest in new fields.


First rice paddies

Napoleone is one of the first members of the “Cooperative-Factory” of fertilizers. He was a pioneer in the use of organic fertilizers. In these early years he established the first rice paddies.


Rebuilding age

After the Second World War, the rebuilding age begins. The first tractor was acquired - a petrol powered International. Irrigation systems were implemented.


Cultivation of sugarbeets

In the 50’s we started cultivating sugar-beets and in a short time we become one of the biggest growings of sugar beets, reaching 2500 hectares/year. In these years Vanni Stoppato takes over the company.



We buy the first harvester with satellite mapping. We focus on cereal cultivation.


Edamame soy

First cultivation of Edamame soy.


Quinoa cultivation

This year we started the first quinoa cultivation test in our fields. The initial harvest began within 2 years.


New plant

We inaugurate our new plant, divided in 2 parts: A temperature-controlled warehouse and a new production area. At this time, we also started with cultivation tests of two new legume varieties: Atzuki e Mung.


Now we are in the sixth generation. The manufacturing plant is organic and IFS (with the score: High level) certified. We are expanding the area dedicated to chips.

The raw materials of our land become finished products in a few simple steps. Production takes place in our factory following rigorous quality standards.

Our family follows both the cultivation and processing phases of grains and legumes. Our productions have a very low environmental impact. Threshing and drying take place in a timely manner. All the cleaning, optical selection and calibration phases are carried out internally.

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